How We Use a Typeform and Intercom Integration to Nurture Our Most Important Leads

Several month ago we started to capture lead requests coming from our website. In this article I’ll describe how we use Typeform and Intercom to automatically manage a bulk of enterprise, dedicated and demo requests every day. The integration we did allows us to manage our contact strategy with the lead. We are then able to decide to use an automated drip campaign or to contact the lead directly. Our Workflows with Typeform and Intercom We use Typeform to gather enterprise and demo requests and for one time promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Typeform is awesome, it »

7 Reasons to Use CDN for Your Images

When Uploadcare’s customers upload their pictures to a server, they expect to be able to access them from anywhere on any device at any time without glitches or delays. The same applies to pictures you upload yourself, for example product images in your ecommerce site. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the best way to make sure to meet these customer expectations. But what is CDN? Content Delivery Network is an alternative to the standard website model by which a website stores all its files on a single server -- in effect, a single physical device in a specific »

Cloud File Systems are the New Black

Software development and the cloud go hand in hand. Companies have been able to build better and more robust solutions using cloud based tools. The latest thing developers are moving to the cloud for is file infrastructure. With solutions like Uploadcare, your entire backend file system can be configured in minutes, saving your development team months of work and headaches! What is Cloud File Infrastructure? A lot happens from the time a user uploads a file to the time it’s served up perfectly on your website. First the user needs to be able to quickly upload their files or »

Resizing Images 101

Why an image scaled with the bicubic interpolation does not look like in Photoshop? Why do resizing times vary in different applications, if result is the same? Which method is better for scaling up images and which one is better for scaling down? What are the filters and how are they different? For the clear comparison I will use two images of the same resolution (1920×1280): this one and another one. I will resize these images to 330×220, 1067×667, and 4800×3200 and will show parts of the result pictures in 1:1 scale. Below the illustrations »

How to Get Raw Google Analytics Data Using Keen IO

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" – Peter Drucker For most web startups performance measurment starts (and sometimes ends) with Google Analytics. There is so much else to do during the initial stages of development, you'd just solve your analytics problems quickly by pasting some GA code into your template. And that's often enough at the beginning. Google Analytics provides data aggregation and visualization in a variety of dimensions, way more than an average startup even needs at first. But, as you grow, you come to learn that you do need more. And eventually, everyone who has been »