Resizing Images 101

Why an image scaled with the bicubic interpolation does not look like in Photoshop? Why do resizing times vary in different applications, if result is the same? Which method is better for scaling up images and which one is better for scaling down? What are the filters and how are they different? For the clear comparison I will use two images of the same resolution (1920×1280): this one and another one. I will resize these images to 330×220, 1067×667, and 4800×3200 and will show parts of the result pictures in 1:1 scale. Below the illustrations »

How to Get Raw Google Analytics Data Using Keen IO

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" – Peter Drucker For most web startups performance measurment starts (and sometimes ends) with Google Analytics. There is so much else to do during the initial stages of development, you'd just solve your analytics problems quickly by pasting some GA code into your template. And that's often enough at the beginning. Google Analytics provides data aggregation and visualization in a variety of dimensions, way more than an average startup even needs at first. But, as you grow, you come to learn that you do need more. And eventually, everyone who has been »

Pillow 2.7 Extended release notes

A new version of the image manipulation library Pillow 2.7 was released on January 1, 2015. As many changes have been made to it by the Uploadcare team, we are happy to present an extended version of the release notes. Let’s recall how it all started. According to the authors, Pillow is a “friendly” fork of the Python Imaging Library (PIL). The latest version of PIL (1.1.7) was released in 2009 and mainly contained bugfixes. In the beginning, Pillow aimed just to solve PIL build issues, and the developers were advised to address all the bugs »

File uploads appear to be broken in Safari on iOS 8

Uploadcare users have noticed that after upgrading to iOS 8.0 they cannot upload files from Safari. Sad but true. The new iOS version has a bug that renders sending files by browsers impossible. When you choose a file in a form on HTML page and try to submit it, no file is sent in the request. The browser indicates that it’s waiting for a response, but in fact the response never comes. Furthermore, the bug does not affect only HTML forms. If you try to send a file via Javascript by constructing a FormData object (part of XMLHttpRequest »

"Esensinya ya nulisnya" - it’s essential to write!

This article was written by Danni Moring, an enthusiastic Uploadcare user from Indonesia. It’s always better to read in the language of origin to get all the nuances that author wants to express. So, if your Indonesian is good, read the original post :) Otherwise see translation below. Written by Danni Moring July 24, 2014 Once I’ve been visiting a few blogs, self-hosted using Wordpress platform. At first sight these blogs were still alive, but some of them were abandoned. I found comments describing issues with the self-hosted Wordpress. In fact, it may happen to everyone including me, though »