Aug 1, 2014

"Esensinya ya nulisnya" - it’s essential to write!


This article was written by Danni Moring, an enthusiastic Uploadcare user from Indonesia. It’s always better to read in the language of origin to get all the nuances that author wants to express. So, if your Indonesian is good, read the original post :) Otherwise see translation below.

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Jul 22, 2014

Two unexpected file uploading solutions with Uploadcare


Successful startups usually begin with an idea that helps solving a specific problem which has not yet been solved efficiently. It’s important to be focused, otherwise you will end up doing everything and nothing really well. It was true for Uploadcare too. We were focused on a very specific task: image uploads to the CDN and simple crop/resize/transform operations on the uploaded images.

However, no one will tell you what is really expected from your startup better than your clients. Today image uploads is just a segment of our business. Our users found other efficient ways to use Uploadcare, we could not even think about at the beginning.

I would like to highlight two of such success stories: Unidesk and PandaDoc.

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Jul 15, 2014

Uploadcare on StackOverflow

As Uploadcare becomes popular, users starting to ask repeated questions about integration and usage. Yet some of the topics are not yet covered in the documentation. Also, reading documentation takes time, and our customers are primarily fast-growing start ups where every minute counts.

So, we decided to be more active on StackOverflow, and create an open knowledge base for our service:

You can use tag [uploadcare] to ask questions and search for answers. We encourage anyone who had experience of customizing the widget or any part of the system:

Please, share your solution with others!

It’s time to start building community. Let’s make our first steps on StackOverflow!

Uploadcare team

Apr 3, 2014

Uploadcare on Social Networks and Cloud Servers Security

Uploadcare allows users to easily upload files from a growing number of social networks and cloud services. Which raises the obvious question — is it safe? And can others read or even modify user files that are not uploaded to Uploadcare but stored in cloud services? To answer all of these questions, we’d like to explain how Uploadcare works with third-party services.

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Sep 19, 2013

Please Speak out Loud

Hello friends!

We have an offer for you: You have a great chance to get 3 months of unlimited usage of Uploadcare (any plan, no limits). You’ll get a great media storage and CDN, so your blog will become up to 5x faster.

What you need to do for that? Make a review of Uploadcare and publish it to your blog. So simple!

By the way, we have free Wordpress plugin, it will take you 3 minutes to install Uploadcare to your blog. Otherwise sign up here.

To apply, just send us a link to your blog post at

The Uploadcare Team


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